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I am a mom of five boys and a former elementary and high school Spanish teacher. I have watched the decline of our schools as the standardized tests have taken over and a year ago I finally realized that I could no longer allow my children to continue in public school. My two youngest were in fifth and kindergarten at the time. My two oldest had all ready graduated and the third was a junior who we decided to not homeschool.

My son in fifth was spending more time reading books in class than doing any actual work. He would read book after book while still maintaining excellent grades. How could that be? My kindergartener was all ready frustrated with sitting still and repeating the same thing he had learned the week before. Even though we live in an affluent area and have what most would consider to be “good” schools, we really felt that they were not getting what they need. The entire focus of school now begins and ends with the state test. How appropriate that here in Virginia they are called the SOL’s!

No Child Left Behind sounds good in theory, but in practice has been a disaster. The curriculum has been dumbed down to match the test so that schools can claim “adequate yearly progress” and many subjects such as handwriting, art, music, geography have been completely abandoned so that class time can be devoted to teaching the answers to the test. Sit still, memorize, no need to think!

So here I am, a year later doing the hardest job I have ever had, and loving (almost) every minute of it!

Homeschooling Samurai guy (11) and Little Yoda (6)

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  1. Our experiences sound similar. I am a former elementary school teacher in NJ, I saw the decline brought on by NCLB and the state tests and three years ago we took our girls out of school and started home schooling. They are now in fifth and seventh grade.

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