Dealing with the big “S” word. Socializing and homeschool.

One thing that I always get asked by non homeschooling people is what about time for my kids to socialize and how could they possibly do that without going to public school.This always seems funny to me.  Apart from school, when in your life will you spend all of your time with only people of your same age?   Outside of the school walls you have to deal with all kinds of people.  Homeschool groups are anything but homogeneous.

For the last four weeks Samurai Guy has been taking an archery class with five other kids.  There were boys and girls with the youngest being 7 and the oldest 14.  Our park days and swim lessons are similar. This is a great way for my boys to learn how to get along with all sorts of people. Our outings often have everything from babies through high school, with many races and religions represented.

Where we live there are so many groups and activities to choose from that we could never do them all.  We have an outside of the house activity almost every day, and some days more than one.  There are multiple park days, enrichment classes, field trips, and on and on.

Next to choosing curriculum, finding social activities is the probably the next most difficult thing for new homeschool families.  So where do we find all of these great things?  The first thing I would suggest is to search yahoo groups for something in your area.  I currently belong to three separate yahoo homeschool groups and they have been an incredible source of information for gatherings.  The second suggestion I have is to google homeschool classes or groups in your city.  A quick search in my area finds coops, swim lessons, and martial arts classes all specifically geared to homeschool kids.  My final advice is to ask other homeschool families what activities they are involved in.  Once I made a few contacts it became much easier to get the kids involved in things they enjoy.

How to pay for all of these extra activities?  I’ll have to get back to you on that one, after I figure it out!





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