Homeschooling Day by Day

We are now two months into our school year and things are going pretty well.  We have had to make some minor adjustments here and there, but overall our curriculum choices seem to have been good ones and we are all learning lots of new things.

Both boys started the year taking an enrichment class on Wednesday afternoons.  We weren’t sure if we were going to continue them after the first quarter ended last Wednesday, but the choice was made for us when I fell and broke my ankle.  The really sucky part is that it is my driving foot so I won’t be driving anywhere for around 6 weeks.

So now we have our Wednesday afternoons back and soccer is also almost over.  (thank goodness since my poor hubby has to do all the driving now)  We will try to fill in that space with some other things.  Samurai Guy is signed up for an online html class and Little Yoda has quite a few of his Top Secret Adventures piled up waiting for us to complete them.

I’m really pleased with how much both boys seem to be progressing this year.  The switch from Aleks math to Teaching Textbooks seems to have really helped Samurai Guy in his quest to dominate pre-algebra.  Boy boys are really taking in an enormous amount of understanding and appreciation for the middle ages with their History Odyssey levels.  (I so love Pandia Press, all of their products are so well made).  I wish that our chemistry had more experiments, but I have some books on the shelf with some fun things that we can use to supplement.

Little Yoda has become quite the reader lately.  Last week was kind of strange for us with me getting the cast on and trying to adjust to what I can and cannot do. Little Yoda had a lot more free time than he is used to, but I was really happy to find that he was filling his extra hours with reading.  It’s my understanding that he has made quite a mess in the basement by getting out a lot of books and spreading them around to read, but since I can’t get down the steps to see, I’m just not going to worry about it!

We have also had to suspend our usual spelling, All About Spelling, because we do it on the floor and I can’t get up and down right now.  I downloaded the free app from  and the boys are getting to just play around with some of their lists.   When all else fails, improvise!

I still feel like I am failing them with art.  It is just so hard to fit everything in.  Things may get easier through the winter when we have fewer outside activities going on.  I also want to get back to our study of musical composers, but at least both boys are learning music theory from their music lessons.

The biggest thing I have learned is that I am always going to feel like I am failing them in one subject or another, but when I stop to think about it, I know that they are learning much more then they would have in public school.  I can see how much they are growing and learning, and I truly feel that it is a privilege to be able to teach my children.

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