The First Day 2013

Even though homeschool is very different from public school, we still get excited for the first day.This year we did school “light” for most of the summer so it is not like we have really stopped work all together, but we did get to start our new curriculum today.

Little Yoda is doing these things this year:

Right Start math C

Real Science Odyssey Chemistry

History Odyssey Middle Ages(level1)

All About Spelling

Reading to Learn level CD

Wordly Wise 3000

Various Scholastic workbooks for grammar, writing and handwriting.

This is what Samurai Guy will do:

Teaching Textbooks pre-algebra

History Odyssey Middle Ages (level2)

Friendly Chemistry         Fascinating Chemistry

All About Spelling

Wordly Wise 3000

KISS Grammar

Cover Story writing

Read various novels. (A mix of classical and modern)

Both boys are doing logic workbooks, Spanish (Rosetta plus things I create), Atelier art, a music theory course, and Trail Guide to World Geography.  Of course, Little Yoda will continue piano lessons and Samurai Guy continues with guitar.

Some things are new for us this year.  We decided to switch to All About Spelling because the traditional word list/test on Friday approach was not working for us.  We also added Wordly Wise vocabulary because I have heard so many good things about it.

Samurai Guy switched from Aleks math to Teaching Textbooks.  Aleks was fun because it was on the computer, but it didn’t match his learning style and he wasn’t making any progress.  We also had to find chemistry for him because Pandia Press doesn’t have one for his level yet. I decided to fuse together Friendly Chemistry and Fascinating Chemistry in the hopes that we cover all of the important material.

Last year we did workbooks for geography, but this year I went ahead and spent the money for  Trail Guide to World Geography.(and the books that go with it)  It is meant to be done over 36 weeks but we are splitting it up so that we do one weeks lesson over two weeks.  We will be halfway through next year before we finish but that is okay since we are going to try to study each area more in- depth.

I really wanted to do a better job with art instruction so I bought a couple of levels of Atelier.  We did our first lesson yesterday and the boys seemed to really like it.  Art is a real teaching weakness for me so it was great to be able to just hand them the supplies and turn on the video.

100_1810 100_1809

All in all it was a pretty good first day.  The cat laid down in the middle of the floor and amused the boys by ripping up papers.  Samurai guy seemed to really enjoy starting to read “The Door in the Wall”, and Little Yoda spent most of the day in his underwear. (They frown on that at public school).

We finished out the day with some home-made chocolate chip cookies.  We started a week before the public schools, so next week when the other kids go off on the bus we will all ready be back into the groove.

100_1812 100_1815 100_1814


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